Modular testing systems


20 years of experience pay off

Continuous quality assurance with the greatest possible flexibility

Today's manufacturing industry relies more and more on automated test systems and the benefits they offer: consistent quality assurance and the reduction of personnel and testing costs. Our standardized test stations, the AUTFORCE CUBES, meet these requirements and provide you with two major competitive advantages at the same time flexibility and cost optimization.

Everything is possible!

One platform - countless possibilities!

The basic idea of the Cubes is based on a modular "building block system" consisting of a base frame, an optional protective housing and a variable process plate. This enables to use the Cube as a leak test station one day and as a laser marking station the next. The uncomplicated exchange of the process plate makes this possible.


Added value

through our competence

We care about your budget!


Constantly changing processes are often associated with high costs. We want to prevent this. Thanks to the modular design of our CUBES, it is not always necessary for you to buy a complete CUBE. A base with two different process plates enables you to perform two partial tests at an optimal price.

Play it safe!

Increased process safety

The "brain" of the CUBES is the in-house developed MES (Manufacturing Execution System) of AUTFORCE, the AUTFACTORY. With AUTFACTORY it is possible to feed back the test results directly into the production system and thus to obtain reproducible results.

Stay on top of things!

Consistent documentation

The connection to AUTFACTORY also guarantees a complete documentation of all process parameters & result values. With our transparent evaluations and reports, you can keep a close eye on your production and thus detect errors at an early stage.

React quickly!

In-Line Testing

Quality changes in production must be recorded as quickly as possible, otherwise this could involve an enormous amount of additional work and high costs. By the possibility to integrate our CUBES as an in-line test station in your production line, you immediately receive important information regarding the quality of your products!


Due to the reusability of the base, only the process plate needs to be replaced in case of a new use case.


Changes of the test sequences can be done without programming knowledge.


Our CUBES can also be extended at a later stage.

Fast delivery times

Thanks to our standardized design, we can offer you a quick delivery!

A variety of possibilities

Marking Cube

Laser marking
Needle stamping
Label printing
Inkjet printers

Testing Cube

Leak testing
Conductivity test
Insulation test
ECU flash

Vision Cube

Drill hole testing
Shrink hole testing
Crack detection
Code validation pursuant to ISO 15415
3D control

Multi Cube

Automatic loading and unloading
Transfer load
Automatic fail-part discharge


Benefit from the advantages of our modular system


The Base is the basic structure of all CUBES. By the removable cover it is possible to transport the whole CUBE easily by forklift or pallet truck. For activities that are carried out while sitting, there is an ergonomically adapted front.

Cover (optional)

The protective enclosure of the CUBES has a manual or automatic lifting door and can also be replaced by a light curtain as required. The slanted viewing window allows for a comfortable working environment.

Process Unit

A key advantage of the CUBES is the variable process plate. Depending on the application, it can be exchanged with a few simple steps and without special tools. Used as a leak test station today and as a laser marking station tomorrow - there are no limits to your applications.

Single or in compound

Inline or stand-alone


Our CUBES can be delivered as a stand-alone system or integrated in a fully or semi-automatic process.



The size of our CUBES adapts to your requirements. This can also be doubled as required. Together with you we will find the best solution for your application.

Over 150 realized testing systems

in various industries






Process control & data evaluation


Data traceability up to
batch size 1

The "brain" of the CUBES is our in-house developed MES (Manufacturing Execution System) AUTFACTORY. With the help of AUTFACTORY it is possible to feed back the test results directly into the production system. A complete traceability of all production data is also guaranteed by AUTFACTORY.

Individual user interface

Using individual widgets, the interface of your AUTFACTORY can be adapted to your wishes with just a few clicks.

Changes in the test sequence

A further benefit is the simple operation and the fully configurable test sequence. This means that you can adapt changes in the test sequence without any programming knowledge and thus save time and money!

Evaluations at the push of a button

Create test protocols, identify trends and keep a close eye on your processes with clear evaluations and reports.

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