Siemens ASM450/ASM470

Siemens ASM450/ASM470

For the two transformer modules ASM450 and ASM470, two functional components are available. The advantage of these components as compared to the original Siemens® components is their simpler handling.

Order control

The individual commands are exclusively controlled by Boolean variables. The adjustment of the address range is previously carried out in the data component, statically and/or variably.

  • Saving time with reading and writing processes
  • Reading and writing over the same address data
  • Easy usage
  • Automatic scanning
  • Unlimited number of tasks

Automatic scanning of both channels to detect if an MDS is in the reception area. The multiplex time can be freely adjusted in this process.


Unlimited data length

With one command, the entire data of the MDS can be read and written.

Channel-specific error analysis

  • A command abort is not output as an error
  • Error B#16#FE if no reset is possible
  • Error B#16#FF if there is no MDS


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