Shrink hole testing

Individual solutions

Pipes are small shrinkage cavities that usually occur when hot steel cools down and solidifies. The fewer inherent shrinkage cavities, the better the quality of the cast product. More often than not, cast steel components have to meet the highest requirements as to quality and longevity. Piping, however, can pose a serious threat to a component’s functionality; therefore affected parts must be sorted out during final inspection. An Austrian producer of cast aluminium components was confronted with the above mentioned problem. Thanks to the successful cooperation with both AUTFORCE Vision Systems GmbH and AUTFORCE Automations GmbH it was possible to solve this problem to the customer’s ultimate satisfaction by deploying industrial cameras for multi-level image evaluation and codification.



The processed (milled) surfaces of cast steel parts (aluminium die casting, ingot casting, sand casting, etc.) can be examined for shrinkage cavities (pipes) or uneven spots (non-processed surfaces). If defects are detected, their size will be determined according to specification. It can also be detected whether there are further defects within a specified radius (pipe clusters) or whether they are below a specified distance to each other or exceed a specified overall size.


Depending on individual requirements we can offer a complete automation of the system:

  • Automated loading and unloading via robots
  • Automated flipping unit to enable examination of both sides of the component
  • Integrated laser marking unit for marking of DMC according to customer’s specification
    • Serial numbers
    • Time stamp
    • Plain writing
  • Code validation / process control complying with AIM DPM and ISO15415 standards
  • Fully-integrated safety system and CE conformity

The testing facility can either be integrated with interlinked units or robot units, or it can be delivered as stand-alone module.

Customer benefit


Increased profitability thanks to reduced manual operation

Process safety

Enhanced process safety thanks to reproducible cycles

Quality assurance

Quality assurance is enforced through inspection in keeping with the measuring equipment precision and code validation pursuant to AIM DPM and ISO15415. The perfect service life of the inscription is achieved through direct marking with the laser.


Seamless documentation of all process steps and results ensure product traceability throughout the production process and the entire product life cycle.


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