Retrofit & Modernization

Retrofit & Modernization

Protect investments. Protect the future.

Why retrofit?

Unplanned idle periods, lackluster energy efficiency, high maintenance costs, etc. – when aging machines and systems cause problems, the decisive question for you as an operator is: Should we invest in new equipment or should the existing system be updated to the state of the art? For purpose of making this very decision a little bit easier for you, we have obtained extensive knowledge on the topic of retrofitting and will now give you a short overview on the subject.

Retrofitting is recommended for older production machines when the mechanical parts contain a lot of steel or automation is outdated and susceptible to breakage. This is because, first of all, the costs for a retrofit are usually between 20 and 60 percent of those for purchasing a new machine, and second of all because it can take a long time for a new machine to be delivered once it is ordered. Our technology and industry expertise make us the perfect partner for your retrofitting project. From comprehensive consulting through to punctual execution. Our customized concepts utilize the latest technology and follow a clearly defined implementation process – perfectly suited to your requirements, timeline, and budget.


In 6 Schritten zur modernisierten Anlage

Initial consultation

In AUTOFORCE, you have found a skilled and experienced partner for modernizing your production systems. The goals of the company are discussed in a non-binding, free and personal consultation. Whether it’s comprehensive modernization of the system or just the exchange of individual components – we’ll find the right solution
tailored precisely to meet your company’s needs!

Specifications and concept creation

After defining the task and performing a detailed analysis of the existing systems, we will work with you to create specifications. The specifications provide the basis for further
activities and form the basis for composing an offer.


Following a careful assessment of the current situation, we will then make detailed plans for implementing your new system. Constant coordination of the timeline with the customer ensures a seamless retrofit.


One important factor for seamless startup is ongoing pre-testing. In order to minimize the amount of errors at the start of production, in-house test setups are put together. This way, we can make sure that we are close to achieving the desired solution as soon as we start up the system for the first time, thus delivering ideal results on time for the start of production.


Startup activities are planned and executed in coordination with the customer in order to ensure that there is no risk to production and that downtime is kept to a minimum.

Roll-Out & After Sales

Your satisfaction is our top priority. Following successful startup of the modernized system and conclusion of initial startup operations, we will provide you with extensive documentation. Our after-sales support is always available to you after project completion, whether for technology support, communication, or training offers.


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