Retrofit Assembly System Tank Cap

Efficient, higher-performance, more user-friendly!

New system technologies and continued developments for constantly improving existing technologies promise noticeable advances in industrial production. Integrating such a new technological generation, with its numerous advantages, is an absolute must for industrial applications for the near future, but at the same time presents a multitude of challenges for mechanical engineers as well as programmers. Each adaptation must be carried out with precision and great care – in addition to the actual task of realizing a compact, fully functional system in a timely manner without errors. Autforce has taken on this challenge together with Dynamic Assembly Machines Slovakia!



Customer’s request

Our customer’s aim was to create a system that is as compact as possible for installing and inspecting tank caps and is capable of managing the task at hand free of outside interference, while also checking the produced components for quality. Additionally, it was also one of the first systems for which the 2nd generation panel of the Siemens company was used.

Comprehensive preliminary interviews

Intensive design interviews were held in advance alternately with and without the operator, during which the electronic configuration was set in the mechanical design phase. This made it possible to address program-specific issues in advance as well. This benefited the project by improving the quality of the specification documents for electrical engineering and programming.


For system implementation, ongoing pre-testing was also a main focus. In order to minimize the error count at the start of production, a test installation was constructed for the purpose of preliminary material tests, thus facilitating further optimization. This made it possible constantly refine the desired end quality and deliver ideal results to the OEM in time before the start of production.

Seamless startup

Following successful and seamless startup, the system will be constantly expanded with additional functions so new types can also be produced on it. As a regional and therefore readily accessible partner, we facilitate comprehensive support for the customer with project management, engineering, and programming all under one roof. A service in high demand!


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