Fully Automatic Blade Inspection and Oiling System

Innovative automation of inspection processes

We have taken on the complex requirements of our customers anew and developed a brand-new inspection and oiling system offering numerous benefits and the utmost convenience for operation and maintenance.



The fully automatic multi-process inspection & oiling system was purposefully designed without a handling system or switching stations in order to ensure that the process flow is as even and smooth as possible. The series switching of the processes produces a constant material flow ending with a double revolver magazine with automatic switching in the last process.


The still-warm components are cooled on a cooling track with a capacity for 2 x 140 components with “open air cooling” (air in the hall) or with ventilation cooling in a closed channel (recooling using a water chiller). They are then run through a double-sided camera inspection that checks up to 20 inspection characteristics. The evenness inspection is performed with a feeler gauge made of cold-worked steel. In the next process step, the components are oiled (either on one or both sides, or without oiling). An automated oil type switch with high-precision pumps and the double revolver magazine for high autonomous time make the system extremely convenient to operate.

Your benefit


Consistently high quality made possible by fully automatic in-line quality control of various surfaces.


Automatic type recognition & high autonomous time offer optimal process reliability.

Low noise emission

The continual process achieves especially low noise emissions.

Return on investment

The inspection system ensures high output and a quick return on investment (ROI).


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