Connection & Visualization

The project

The project involves the development and implementation of an interface between the Tool Management System of the company Zoller and the Logiboxxes of the company Haumberger. This was urgently needed, as the stand-alone software solution implemented until so far was not process-safe.

The Logiboxx from Haumberger is an automated small parts storage system for tools, measuring equipment and accessories. This enables to make the "way of the tool" more transparent and safer. This means that spare parts that cannot be found are a thing of the past!

Added value

Lean Software

Thanks to the lean software solution, the Logiboxx can be connected to any tool management, ERP or other warehouse management system. In addition to tools, countless other parts such as measuring equipment or electronic components can thus be stored safely and in a space-saving manner.

Connected software solution

Thanks to the consistent, networked software solution, stomachaches during changeovers are now finally a thing of the past.

Intuitive design

Due to the intuitive structure of the user interface, every user can operate the program almost without training.

Cost savings

By using the Siemens Open Controller, hardware costs and space can be saved.



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