AUTFORCE CUBE: Ultrasonic welding of plastic components

The project

For our customer, PAYER International Technologies GmbH, we were allowed to realize a CUBE in connection with a Cobot. This is used to automatically insert two halves of a plastic component into the ultrasonic welding unit and then place them in a finished part box. With fully loaded magazines, the robot works completely autonomously for around 45 minutes.


  • Two plastic components are welded together using ultrasound.
  • The two halves of the component are removed one after the other from the magazine by a collaborating robot using a vacuum triple gripper and placed in a finished part box.
  • In addition, there is still the possibility of a subsequent extension by a leak tester in the existing CUBE, directly next to the welding unit. This would then also be automatically loaded via the existing robot.

Added Value

Production automation

Once the robot has been loaded with the relevant magazine, it operates completely autonomously for around 45 minutes. This means that the operator does not have to stand at the welding machine all the time and is available for other work.

Flexibility thanks to modular design

The modular design makes it possible to weld different types of components. Since the robot is mounted on a separate CUBE, it can also be docked to other stations. In addition, it is possible to use the welding station as a manual workstation.

Custom color scheme

Our customer also benefited from the completely customizable color scheme of the CUBES. The CUBES fit seamlessly into the corporate design of our client and are also a real eye-catcher in white and blue.

What our customers say

We use a CUBE with a cobot for handling tasks. One day it is used to load a line, another day it is used to sort parts into shipping cartons. The different applications of the system result in a fast ROI.

Ing. René Zengerer,
Engineering & Innovation Manager
PAYER International Technologies GmbH


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