The Candy CUBE can!

Candy CUBE

Diploma thesis in cooperation with two students of HTL Kaindorf

Marco Pachner & Elias Schmidt

Congratulations on the great performance!

In the course of their diploma thesis Marco Pachner and Elias Schmidt from the HTBLA Kaindorf  have come up with something very special: A system that automatically sorts and commissions Maoams. Enthusiastic about the idea, our employees were there to help and advise the two of them. Together with the students, we were able to design and build a functioning system that will serve as an eye-catcher at job fairs and similar events in the future.

And how does it work?

Structure of the Candy CUBE

The system itself consists of several circularly arranged drop magazines in which the Maoams are stored. Underneath sits the mechanics with which it is possible to remove the Maoams from the magazines and then check them by using image recognition software. The individual piece is then either sorted into a different magazine or is picked at the output position. The composition of the various Maoam varieties can be selected via touch panel and, once the composition has been completed, removed from a small cardboard box.


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