Support for HTL BULME Graz Gösting!

Support for HTL BULME Graz Gösting

Team B.Robots

Support for the next generation

Young, innovative minds!

The team B. Robots with 12 students of the electrical engineering department of the HTL BULME Graz Gösting took part this year very successfully in the robot competition FLL and qualified for the Central Europe final at the end of March in Bregenz. As part of the competition, the team programs and constructs a robot that has to solve tasks autonomously. In addition, the team developed a device called "nutriSense"; as part of a research contract, which uses IR spectroscopy to automatically measure the nutrient content of fat, protein and carbohydrate in food. This makes it possible to check compliance of an individually created nutrition profile. Since the team does not receive any prize money, the costs incurred must be paid in full by the team itself. We have gladly agreed to cover part of the costs in order to support the dedicated and eager team.

Unbeatable results

Congratulations on your outstanding performance!

After winning the title of Vice European Champion in the category "Teamwork"; at the Central Europe Final of the FLL Robot Competition, the team also qualified for the World Festival of the FLL Robot Competition in Detroit. Here they could win the Judges-Champions-Award with a great overall performance in all individual ratings! It was rated either at the best or at the second best level on a four-point evaluation scale in all 27 evaluation points of teamwork, robot design and research project. Furthermore B. Robots reached the 5th place in the Robot-Game of 104 teams. More than 40,000 teams from all over the world took part in this year's FLL competition. What a performance, we congratulate!


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