ATEQ function block

ATEQ function block

This function serves as connection to an ATEQ of the F-series via a cyclic and acyclic channel. It is available for the Siemens control systems S7-300/400, S7-1200 and S7-1500. As a bus system, Profbus or Profinet can be used, depending on the ATEQ device. Easy usage is granted by the sample program provided.

Cyclic channel

This component implements the basis communication via the cyclic process data channel. The monitoring and processing of the communication signals are conducted by this function. You simply start the test programs on the test device and get a pass/fail result.

Acyclic channel

You can edit every register code by reading or writing via the parameter data channel. The user can make variable adjustments. The individual commands are exclusively controlled by Boolean variables. The adjustment of the address range is previously carried out by the data component, statically and/or variably.

Licences an prices

Single licence

Article number License type Description Price
ATQGS15 per device Authorized for usage with an ATEQ test device. Free with voucher

Technical details


Control S7-300/400 or S7-1200/1500
ATEQ test device Series F5xx and F6xx
Documentary language German
Interfaces Profibus and Profinet


ATEQ field bus configurator


Field bus table


Documentation ATEQ F-Series


GSD files



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