The history of AUTFORCE

In the name of success, growth and customer-orientation


Partners of AUTFORCE Automations GmbH have always appreciated the innovative achievements of their “Think tank – AUTFORCE”. With the addition of the Mechanical Design division, you are now able to access all disciplines of modern automation. By letting AUTFORCE look after all your automation needs, you will save an average of 15 percent on the cost of coordinating your project.


A logical step for our company: AUTFORCE Automations GmbH was successfully certified with the long-standing quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 issued by the Quality Austria Training and Certification GmbH. This independent external inspection body guarantees with this certificate that our management system is very well implemented and practiced by our staff. Thus, we can grant professionalism and a high quality level to address the requirements of our customers. Within the framework of this quality management system, our processes are regularly examined by internal and external audits and continuously improved. This is a system that all our staff and customers can fully rely on.


Where manufacturing processes are automated, there is usually a need for identification for traceability and quality control through image processing. As a logical conclusion, 2014 the Autforce Vision Systems GmbH in Lienz, East Tyrol was founded. The core areas of the company are industrial image processing, identification and laser marking.


Autforce Automation directly implements valuable insights from the preceding business year, the “year of future optimization”, and from now on acts as a genuine full service provider. The new business units for switchgear and installation optimally complete the portfolio.


Progress and innovation are increasingly becoming the centres of attention in the industry. Autforce Automation reacts to this demand with the establishment of an in-house R&D department. As a second new business department, academy creates a win-win situation for the customers and the company: the top-training of internal staff grants efficient project implementation – the training of external staff creates knowledge advantages for the customer’s company. 2008 is also the year of test benches.


With PLC, Autforce Automation laid the company foundation in 2000. Seven years later, in 2007, this business department is expanded with robotic, and the cooperation with renowned producers such as ABB, Stäubli and KUKU starts.


Further development thanks to a valuable insight: Industrial IT constitutes much more than a mere service. Autforce Automation is committed to IT product development and sets an example for progress and innovation with AUTFACTORY MES & SCADA. This future-oriented software solution prompts high demand in the industry and comes to be frequently used already in the same year.


The strategy of customer-oriented, versatile automation proves to be a right decision – Autforce Automation is in greater demand than ever and 2005 initiates an ‘Olympics of growth’. The major novelty is the initiation of the business department industrial it.


The business department engineering is established and, using ePlan, stands for electrical planning at the highest possible level.


Certificates grant highest quality. Autforce Automation qualifies as one of the few Austrian Siemens Solution Partners and thus stands for outstanding, certified professionalism to this day.


Autforce Automation reacts to the needs of the market and expands its portfolio with HMI for an optimal visualization of systems.


The young company records its first successes and employs more staff. Thanks to the introduction of standards in Siemens Step7 Programming, new cost, time and quality potentials for the customer can be exploited.


Oliver Hohnhold and DI (FH) DI Christian Herzog found Autforce Automation. The young company first starts with the two business units of plc and project. Their first client is VW Mexico.


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