Mechanical Design

Automation is coming full circle!

Partners of AUTFORCE Automations GmbH have always appreciated the innovative achievements of their “Think tank – AUTFORCE”. With the addition of the Mechanical Design division, you are now able to access all disciplines of modern automation. By letting AUTFORCE look after all your automation needs, you will save an average of 15 percent on the cost of coordinating your project.


A new generation of quality assurance for fuel tank caps

More efficient, more powerful, more user-friendly: New plant technologies promise noticeable progress in industrial production. Integrating a new technological generation of this kind, with its numerous advantages, is an immediate need for the industry. With Autfroce you have found the right partner for this challenging task!


Detection of blowholes in cast steel

Blowholes can pose a serious threat to a component’s functionality.Thanks to the successful cooperation with both Autforce Vision Systems GmbH and Autforce Automations GmbH it was possible to solve this problem to the customer’s ultimate satisfaction by deploying industrial cameras for multi-level image evaluation and codification.


Retrofit of a cross pipe welding machine

Downtime in production takes away time, good humour and above all a lot of money. To find a way out of this dilemma it is essential to have a well-considered and thoroughly planned concept which includes a very tight time schedule for the retrofit to be carried out with as little effort as possible and a speedy restart phase.


AUTFORCE Automation

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